About Badminton Map

Just like you, I am a fan of badminton sport. I began to play badminton more than 20 years ago when I was a little boy. Though I rarely got any formal training to become an advanced player, I still enjoy playing a lot and improve my skills along the way.

Though United Sates won the first three Uber Cup, badminton has become a niche game mainly played by Asian immigrants. The clubs and courts to play badminton is very difficult find, expecially outside of California.

Late 2007, with the advance of Google map technologies, I decided to create the website to help fans find where to play their beloved sport. Ever since then, tens of thousands people visited this web sites.

But it has one major limitation. I have to maintain the maps. It turns out to be a overwhelming effort to keep it up to date. Recently, friends told me that I can open the map to public to let everyone help me maintain it. That opened the door to the next phase of this website.

I hope all of you folks can help me to keep these maps up to date. So that more people can join us to enjoy this fantastic game.