Top Badminton Players in 2018 Review

Badminton is a very popular game around the world, especially in the Asian countries. It is not merely a sports but a game which requires great stamina, agility, fitness and precision. Only a few players excel in this game and they are the one who become great.

Other than being an international level professional sports, it is also fun to play. It keeps your physically and mentally fit and increases your social circle as you get to interact with new players.

Like all other sports badminton also has some great players who have engraved their names on the list of top.

That being said; here is a list of 17 best badminton players you should know about and learn from their experience on becoming a great player.

Lee Chong Wei

Meet the world’s best badminton player Lee Chong Wei who is from Malaysia and is one heck of a great player. He is ranked no.1 worldwide back during 2008-2012 and also holds the record of being the only player from Malaysia who was ranked no.1 for more than a year. He has got away home with three silver medals in Olympics and is the sixth player who has won an Olympic medal from Malaysia. Wei’s childhood was a bit different. He used to love basketball early on but according to Wei, his mother banned him from playing basketball and this is when he decided to choose badminton. Lee says that he was always inspired from Sun Jun of China (former world Champion) and has learnt a lot from his career. He uses Yonex Duora 10.

Chen Long

Cheng Long or the Junior Lin Dan is another top badminton player from China and is ranked no.2 worldwide. He is a 25-year-old and he started his career in the junior championships back in 2007 BWF World Junior Championships. Then later in 2016 Olympic game, he defeated Lee Chong for Olymic gold medal and declared himself the new champion of Badminton Singles. Long not only dominated the game as a top ranked player, he had his own style which made him great. He says, “I’ve been following two badminton legends Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan since I started playing badminton and it has helped me a lot in becoming a better player.

Lin Dan

Lin Dan ranks as the third best badminton player in the world and is regarded as the smartest one to play badminton. He is 33+ years of age and has completed Super Grand Slam by completing all of the major 9 titles required in the world of badminton. Dan is known as the risk taking player around the world and he always tends to smash towards sidelines which most of the players tend to avoid. However, this is what makes him unique from others and even if a smash seems off balance, Dan still goes for the opportunity and stuns the world with his talent. Where other find such shots very risky and impossible, Dan takes the risk and manages them with ease.

Viktor Axelsen

A 23-year old young badminton player from Denmark who has stunned the world with his amazing performance. In 2010 he was the world Junior Champion and also the first ever who won the title from Europe. Not only this, Axelsen also won give games out of six singles that he player during the tournament. Viktor says that the most memorable achievement in his life is World Junior Championships 2010 Men’s Singles Champion. He is very grateful for what he has achieved so far at such a tender age and says that he has potential to be the next big badminton player around the globe.

Jan O Jorgensen

Another great player from Denmark is Jan O Jorgensen and he has won European championship in 2014. Jan also plays in the Denmark Badminton league and represents SIF. While Jan is a professional badminton player, what many of the people don’t know about him is that he has a deep connection with cricket as well back then when he was a teenager.

Carolina Marin

After having won the Women’s Single World Championship in 2014 and 2015, Carolina Marin became the best female badminton player and still holds the title of being the best. This beautiful player from Spain is the first every Spanish player to be the No.1 in women’s singles and just recently she had won a gold medal in Olympics by defeating PV Sindhu of India, which is a great achievement. Her opponents fear her powerful smashes and cannot catch up with her swift movements. Moreover, Marin is the only left-handed player in world rankings and her strength and fitness is admired worldwide.

Wang Yihan

Though Yihan has retired now but having started her career only at a tender age of 9 tells how much of great talent she had from beginning. She is from China and won accolades for her brisk and breath taking performance in the 2012 Olympics, the 2011 World Championships, 2006 World Cup and Asian Championships in 2011 and 2012. When speaking with Yihan, she says that all of her achievement and success in her life is because of her mother. Many female players entering into badminton career take her as their source of inspiration and learn a lot from her.

Li Xuerui

Being the world’s number 3 women’s singles player, Li Xuerui is taking the world by her amazing talent and professional career, inspiring a thousand others around the world. Li is also from China and has a great track record of winning a Gold medal in the London Olympics 2012 and also runners-up in 2013 and 2014 World Championships. Her unique technique and strategy of playing against her opponent is what makes her stand out from other players. She has a great mental and physical strength and gets a good coverage on the court. You can follow her for inspiration and improving your badminton skills.

Retchanok Intanon

Retchanok Intanon is the 9th best badminton player in the world and just at a tender age of 19 years, she became the youngest ever singles World Champion back in 2013. Moreover, she has won Junior Championship for three consecutive years 2009, 2010 and 2011 and is also the first Thai player who became world’s no.1 in Women’s Singles.

Tai Tzu-Ying

Tai Tzu-Ying is from Taiwan and has won the title of Taiwanese Ranking Competition at an age of 16 years only. She is considered as the youngest no.1 in Taiwanese Badminton History and has won five Super Series titles consecutively in 2016 and 2017 and is also on 17-match winning streak which was continued at the 2017 Indonesia Open. Ying is known for her unique playing style which is considered to be very spontaneous and unpredictable. The disguise in her shots and the fabulous techniques she uses, makes her stand out from her opponents.

Saina Nehwal

Saina is currently rated as the No 2 badminton player in India and among the best in the world. She is also the first every Indian who won medal at Olympics for Badminton. She has also won World Championship for Singles for her country and has 21 titles so far.

Sourabh Varma

Varma is another badminton player from India and has won Indian Grand Prix while making a great progress during his career. He has a great record and has won many titles.

Ashwini Ponnappa

Known as the doubles specialists, she has achieved the highest ever ranking of 10 during her career and has a badminton career filled with plenty of titles and has also won Double Medal at World Championship. Ponnappa also holds the Arjuna Award.

Srikanth Kidambi

Kidambi is one of the best badminton player in India and also holds a maximum world ranking of 5. He has been awarded with prestigious Arjuna Award for badminton. He has also won Commonwealth Youth Games 2011.

P.V. Sindhu

P.V. Sindhu or Pusarla Venkata Sindhu created history when she became the first ever Indian woman to win single medal at World Championships back in 2013. She is one of the best Indian badminton players and is currently ranked 13 in India.

Prannoy Kumar

Kumar is considered as the most promising and emerging Badminton player in India and has achieved a highest world ranking of 12 and also won Indonesian Grand Prix.

Chetan Anand

Last but not the least on our list is Chetan Anand from India. He has been four times National Badminton Champion and has also won many medals worldwide, making his country very proud. Anand has been on the highest World Ranking many times, 10 till now and also won three commonwealth game medals during his career.


So fellow players, that was our list of 17 best badminton players in the World. They have a great career worth inspiring. There are plenty of other badminton players you can follow with their amazing career. You can learn from their experience, get inspired from their hard work and become a great badminton player.

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