Top 19 Badminton Rackets 2018 Review – Premium Buyer’s Guide

No matter which sports you are interested in, if you don’t have an excellent equipment in your hand, you can never improve your skills or learn anything new.

When it comes to the game of badminton, other than badminton shoes, wrist bands, etc. the most important thing is your badminton racket and it has to be a perfect one.

Having the best badminton racket in your hand will help you play better, shot with precision and improve your skills.

So, we did some research on some of the best badminton rackets and pulled out a list of 19 top performing rackets of 2018.

Best Badminton Rackets Review

Take your time to go through our list of badminton rackets and let us know what you think of them. And since every player has his own playing style, we’ve put multiple options so that you can find the right match according to your playing needs.

Yonex Arcsaber 10

Yonex is undoubtedly among the top brands when it comes to badminton rackets. The Arcsaber 10 has some cool graphics embedded on its body with a super strong feel. The racket feels very comfortable right out of the box. It also has a slightly twisted body which makes maximum precision when you take the shot.

It also comes with a built-in T piece which further adds an extra layer of strength to your racquet. Because balance is all what matters during the game, your Arcsaber is of no exception to it. It is simply amazing with a very durable shaft that is made to last longer and to withstand the harshness of the game.

Hitting the shuttle is very easy and the lightweight feels of the racket helps to aim perfectly every time. You love the crispy and true crisps and the delight it adds to your game.

For those brisk movements, this racquet responds swiftly whether attacking or defending. Also, badminton is all about speed and Arcsaber assists you in doing so.

It has an exclusive cup-stack carbon nanotube for increased durability and flexibility. The super HMG (High Modulus Graphite) helps to produce a strong repulsion power while its hybrid frame in combo with nanotube helps you in hitting the shuttle really hard.

Overall, Yonex Arcsaber 10 has a very solid and comfortable feel and is probably the racket which every beginner wants. It has top-notch material with a fairly reasonable price tag.


  • Super high modulus graphite
  • Ultra pef shaft for durability and flexibility
  • Comes pre-strung right out of the box
  • Legend’s Vision Case along with your purchase


  • Overall good but slightly expensive

Yonex Voltric 2017 New

Speed, power and control is what the Voltric brings for you. To be honest, Yonex Voltric 2017 is a blend of Arcsaber, Armortec and Nanospeed technology which helps to perform better. It is also an affordable option.

With this model, Yonex have used advanced technology which allows powerful shots with an excellent maneuverability and maximum control. It features Tri-Voltage system which is a great blend of both power and agility and it brings speed and stiffness to your new racket. Its string bed allows you to hold the shuttle for long and thus making your shot more accurate and powerful.

Its unique aerodynamic design allows you to cut through air nicely and gives you an edge over its competitors when it comes to speed and swing. It is simply embedded with highest levels and blend of great technology.

The new reinforced support cap on the racket gives a wider surface, making it easier for you to handle, control and add maximum power in every shot.

Its tri-voltage system and built-in T-joints also adds top-notch precision, which reduces torque and gives more control and precision in every shot. All these features deliver you with a professional badminton racket at a very affordable price.

Overall, in the game, this racket clears, smashes and drives nicely. You simply cannot go wrong with this racquet in your hand. It is fast, powerful, affordable and solid. Whether you are a beginner or a pro level player, this racquet is perfect for you.


  • Comes pre-strung with the Yonex BG80
  • Made for all skill levels
  • Tri-voltage system which helps to increase its handling and power
  • Graphite and tungsten blend shaft makes it lightweight and durable at the same time
  • Comes with a full length cover


  • Poor string quality. A few customers reported broken string after a couple of months

Yonex Arcsaber 11

We’ve already seen the Arcsaber 10, well, here is the Arcsaber 11 with more advanced technology, power and flexibility. It is a 3U weight 84-89g with a G4 grip size and a balance of 305mm which is perfect for all. It has got weight in the head which allows powerful and accurate hitting.

Though Yonex haven’t worked a lot on the graphics, they are pretty much the same like 10 but has some bright red paint with neon-like white and yellow colors. While the racquet feels good and comfortable to hold and play with, it has a very similar feel to that of Arcsaber 10.

The company has also added a “Sonic metal” in its head and made it noticeably thinner with a very stiff shaft. Its factory strung strings have got a higher tension which is actually great. Don’t worry about the risk of the strings breaking apart.

When you’ll swing it for clears, it provides a flex feel on the head and feels really powerful. It has a perfect balance and has minimal torsion which makes it perfect both for aggressive and defensive play during the game. You’ll be delighted with its power from the clear.

Overall, Arcsaber 11 is an excellent racquet and is a good all-rounder which promises to deliver a high degree of power, balance and agility on the badminton court. Moreover, the famous player Taufik Hidyat is also using this racquet and one of its special edition has been named after him.


  • Made for the advanced badminton player for greater level of control
  • Improves your speed and power to hit
  • Perfect balance and stability
  • High modulus graphite with CS Carbon nanotube and super HMG sonic metal for maximum durability


  • A few customers reported that the racquet came unstrung

Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash

If you are an aggressive player in the court, the Z Slash is made for you. It comes with every feature that an attacker needs. It has a fast, precise and powerful performance with tremendous power that transfers speed into every shot.

Its design is what tells us about its performance. Just from its looks you can tell that it is a powerful and modern style racquet with a nice blends of hues. The heavier head not only helps maintain its balance but also ensures that it delivers the power to the shuttle.

The CS Carbon Nanotube offers an excellent repulsion. It is a cutting edge piece of technology embedded in this racket and helps you to retain the shuttle longer for more precision and power.

Moreover, its super high modulus graphite in its side comes with more repulsion power and every attacker demands it. Its ultra-stiff shaft makes your shots more precise, thanks to the Ultra PEF which helps add power and maximum accuracy. It also adds shock absorbing qualities to your racquet.

The built-in T-joint eliminates torque. This t-joint is actually strong and highly durable and allows the player to handle every shot with superior accuracy. Finally, it has control support contact which gives it a great maneuverability and the enlarged sweet spot for timely hitting the shuttle. Overall, it serves, drives, smashes and clears the shuttle perfectly.


  • Outstanding power that makes it a great option for the aggressive players
  • Outstanding control which gives you a very solid and comfortable feel when playing in the badminton court
  • Its excellent aerodynamic design gives extra room for fast and greater maneuverability
  • Affordable price


  • If you are a defensive player, this racquet isn’t for you
  • Only made for the advanced level players. If you are just starting out, look for other options

Yonex Voltric 7

Voltric 7 is known as Yonex’s one of the best racquets ever. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, this racket is a perfect match for you to give your best performance in the court.

It has a nice blend of weight and power for a crispier feel and better control. Its main frame is made out of H.M. graphite and tungsten and a very lightweight feel, weighing only 83 grams without compromising on the quality of its body. Its frame is a bit thinner as well but that’s only to decrease the weight. Don’t worry, it is durable as hell.

While it feels lightweight, you’ll also experience the medium flex out it provides when playing in the court. This allows you to effortlessly swing the racquet and hitting the shuttle with enough force for a powerful smash towards your opponent.

The latest isometric technology incorporated in Yonex gives the head an isometric shape. It means that the main and cross strings have the same length and the sweet spot is 30% larger as compared to standard racquets.

It also comes with Tri Voltage system which makes the top of its frame extremely stiff and allows prolonged contact with the shuttle for more precise shot. You’ll also notice the sides of the frame to be thin which not only reduces its weight but also gives it a great balance and thus allowing to smash the shuttle with greater power and accuracy.


  • Comes pre strung at weighs very light
  • Feels comfortable which gives a perfect blend of balance and power
  • Medium flex
  • Durable H.M. graphite and tungsten frame for longevity
  • Comes in two different color options
  • Affordable option
  • Made for beginners, intermediates and advanced players


  • String quality is not good. You may need to get it strung after a few months

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

The Voltric Z Force 2 was launched in 2014 and it has been very popular. It is also used by World’s top player Lee Chong Wei. It has a plain black color with some blue decals giving it a great look. The racquet looks very great and comes with some flashy graphics and colors. The previous version was plain and simple.

Though its head is slightly heavier but is smaller as well. This gives you a great balance and power combination. The thinner shaft not only makes it lightweight, it also eliminates the aerodynamic repulsion. Moreover, the tungsten grommet strips add more to its durability and control.

When it comes to its performance in the court, its heavy head plays a significant role. You’ll also get an exclusive Voltric racket cover for free to store and carry the racquet safely anywhere you want. Despite the tungsten grommet strips, I personally think it as a drawback since this will add additional cost in stringing.

It performs at an exceptionally different level in the court. It has a little higher sweet spot which allows you to easily adjust the racket as you want. Its thinner shaft is very noticeable and comes with aerodynamic head work which works perfectly together for a comfortable feel.

As soon as you grab the racquet, you’ll get an instant feel of a powerful frame in hand. In the game, it gives strong clears with controlled and accurate hitting off the center.


  • The thinnest and most durable shaft any racquet could have
  • Improved tri-voltage system which increases smash energy
  • Extra stiff for maximum durability
  • Cool graphics and neon color on the frame which gives it a good look


  • The extra stiffness in the frame can cause the racquet to break early

Yonex Voltric 80

Voltric 80 was introduced back in 2011 at All England Badminton Championships and it has been a real winner ever since. It has got a perfect match of technology and design. Your racquet comes in a full length bag and the frame of the racket has some cool graphics and a striking red, black, white and gold color options.

The new G4 grips used is small but actually feels very comfortable to play. Yonex have also combined the thin frame of their Nanospeed 9900 and aerodynamic qualities of Z slah in the new Voltric 80. Moreover, the extra weight on the head ensures balance and power in the court. Though it is not as heavy as AT700 but still feels great to use in the court.

It has a thin but a stiff shaft which is slightly longer as compared to the standard racquets and is very similar to Z slash. The extra 1 cm addition in the length gives you a better sweet spot. The frame is actually upgraded and performs faster in the court. This helps with those powerful shots.

Furthermore, the string tension is also great and allows you to start playing with it right out of the box. If you prefer more tension, you can manually adjust the strings. I would recommend not increasing the tension too much else they may break too early.

Overall, with the Yonex Voltric 80 in hand, you’ll feel more like an aggressive player. It produces a sharp and powerful sound every time you hit the shuttle and the large sweet spot guarantees higher success rate and better control.


  • Go unstoppable on those smashes and powerful shots
  • Better control with a more solid and stable frame
  • Excellent maneuverability


  • Only for intermediate and advanced players
  • Your wrists may get tired

Yonex Voltric 5

All of the Yonext racquets are known for their speed, power and control and the Voltric 5 is one of them. It is one of the top-ranked Yonex rackets and unlike the Voltric 80 and 70, it is pretty much affordable.

It has a pretty impressive design with black body and yellow tones which adds some attractiveness. Even at a lower price tag, Yonex has managed to equip the Voltric 5 with all the necessary technology which promises powerful shots, excellent control and maneuverability.

This racket features tri-voltage system with a perfect combination of power and agility, allowing you to move fast and hit hard at the same time. For more accurate and powerful shots, its revolutionized string bed allows you to hold the shuttle for long as compared to standard rackets.

Performance wise, it cuts well through the air and gives you an edge over your opponents when it comes to speed and swing.

You’ll also love the new support cap which gives a wider surface and makes it easier for you to handle the racket.

Serving is pretty easy and doesn’t require you to put a lot of strength. Because of heavier head, you simply can’t go wrong with smashing the shuttle.

When it comes to clears, you simply can’t go wrong with this racket. Its heavy head ensures that you hit every shot with maximum accuracy. It actually does a really amazing job with clears. With less effort and an incredible technology rich racquet in hand, you’ll be able to perform at your best.


  • Outstanding performance with great handling features
  • Amazing power at a very affordable price, making it a great option for the attackers
  • Tri-voltage system embedded for better agility and speed in the court
  • Durable & stable


  • Only made for beginners and intermediates

Yonex Arcsaber 002

Arcsaber 002 has been Yonex’s best ever racquets. It comes in a very nice and handy three quarter racket bag and allows your new racket anywhere you want. The body has nice and cool graphics which are colored white, red and dark red. It provides an even balance and feels good in hand.

The lightweight profile of it not only makes it easier to swing or smash, it also helps maintain balance and stability during the game. It comes factory strung and you won’t have to customize the stringing since Yonex is already stringing their new models pretty tight. The maximum tension it has is 24 lbs. which is pretty much good.

There is a bit of flex as well in its design and you can feel it the moment you swing your racquet. This flex in shaft makes you hit the shuttle nice and hard. Also, the torque has been reduced, thanks to the built-in T pieces which makes it possible. To be honest, all of Yonex racquet have this feature. This prevents those twists when you aim for off center hits, causing the shuttle out of the court. Many players have also reported injuries because of this.

Though its head isn’t aerodynamic as compared to other models, you may feel a bit of resistance or drag as you swing it. However, this won’t affect your performance at all.

Overall, it is a pretty nice racket that does a really good job in the court and comes at a very affordable price tag.


  • Nanoair spring technology for better control, accuracy and power
  • Medium flex shaft for a good and comfortable feel
  • 4U with a G4 grip
  • Durable graphite shaft made to last longer


  • No aerodynamic head which results in a slight resistance or drag

Yonex Nanospeed 9900

If you are looking for an incredible speed with your new racket, go for the Nanospeed 9900. It helps you with those super brisk and lethal swings and smash the shuttle for the win. It has a great maneuverability and is one of the best products on the market. The racquet is a perfect blend of power, superior speed and defense.

The first experience with this racket is amazing. It incorporates cutting-edge technology and has been engineered for superior performance. It has a great design with a full black body with red, white and orange stripes which give it an attractive look.

With more repulsion power and better stability, thanks to the X-fullerene in it resin, it helps to increase binding forces and also increase its stability by 15% and repulsion power by 5%.

The strong bond between its carbon nanoparticles and fullere achieve by Yonex makes it super-fast, strong and lightweight. Unlike other rackets, it has both a Box Frame and Aero Frame and this combo results in a smoother, faster and powerful hitting.

It also comes with a new T-joint that offers superior accuracy and increases the stability of the shuttle on every shot. Yonex has also incorporated better gripping with control support cap. It also enhances its maneuverability and makes striking the shuttle easy and effortless.

Unlike the trembling rackets, you won’t have to worry with the Nanospeed 9900 in hand. It has an amazing shock absorbing qualities and better stability and feels very solid in hand.


  • This racquet is very fast. Its heavier head results in very accurate shots
  • Increased power and maneuverability for better performance in the badminton court
  • Superior defense, making it perfect for the defensive players


  • This is only made for the advanced players. If you are a beginner, look for other options

Yonex Duora 10

The Duora 10 comes with great power and speed. This makes it perfect for the attacking players. It helps to add proper control and maneuverability in every shot. It has a modern design and the full black body with green and orange stripes in its shaft and frame adds more to its décor. The logo on the body also looks great.

Yonex has added dual optimum system, allowing you to hit the shuttle hard and also cut faster through the air. To make it simple for you, the forehand will be your source of power while backhand is the epitome of speed and aerodynamics which helps to enhance its performance.

This dual optimum system helps to hit harder with the forehand while more speed with your backhand. This makes it perfect not only for the attackers but for the defenders as well. The new grommet pattern with more grommet holes helps to improve your performance in the court.

Like Arcsaber 002, it also features Aerodynamic and Box Frame technology for hitting faster swings effortlessly. Moreover, its solid core reduces the torque, giving you more control when playing. Its frame is also designed using isometric shape and prevents missing any of your shots. This increases your success rate and allows you to hit off-centered shots as well.

The frame is built with such an amazing technology; you can actually feel the difference on both sides of the frame. Also, the Nanometric DR technology increases its repulsion speed by 9% and shuttle hold by 3% on the string bed.


  • Outstanding power for good shuttle smashes
  • Perfect blend of technology for best playing experience
  • Aerodynamic design which reduces repulsion and drag when clearing through the air
  • Made both for the attackers and defenders


  • With advanced technology used, this racquet is very expensive

Yonex Nanoray 900

Nanoray 900 is an improved version of the Nanospeed 9900 and its excellent performance and maneuverability. The heavier head is worth mentioning here which transfers more power into your smashes, resulting in stronger shots without sacrificing the quality of the racket’s body.

It is equipped with some amazing technology and does a very great job in the badminton court. Aesthetics wise, it features gray tones with multi-color stripes that gives its graphics a cool look.

Its frame is a revolutionary innovation which allows you to smash the shuttle like never before. It helps to deliver powerful and steep angled smashes towards you opponent, giving them no time to block or smash it back towards you. Also, the new and enhanced design, while providing more power, increases the angle range as well.

While you play aggressively, this racquet also allows you to defend those dangerous drop cut smashes from the opponents. Also, the enlarged sweet spot makes the shuttle spin more as compared to traditional rackets.

Like the 9900 is also features a new grommet pattern with more stringing holes for a better performance and great power in the badminton court. You’ll also love its aerodynamic frame which not only reduces the air drag but also results in faster swings. Its isometric frame makes those shots land successfully at the target area.

Finally, its cutting edge shaft is a must mention here. This is the slimmest yet the most durable shaft you’ll ever experience. This makes it lightweight and allows to make those smashes effortlessly without sacrificing on its quality.


  • A perfect blend of power and precision. You simply can’t go wrong on those smashes
  • Brisk performance with better maneuverability
  • Make the best smashes ever.
  • Better force, speed and more range of angle


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not made for beginners

Yonex Arcsaber 001

If you are looking for an entry level badminton racket, Arcsaber 001 is for you. It is an excellent choice for the beginners and intermediates. With a perfect balance and a flexible shaft, you can smash the shuttle with superior accuracy and more power. It is also easy to adjust and comes with a friendly ¾ cover to carry it around.

It is a solid racket and is great for recreational badminton players. The flex in its shaft makes it unique. It actually bends when you smash the shuttle hard, offering you more time to hit it back to your opponent.

Also, when smashing, it creates a nice whip effect and makes every stroke travel further. The frame has an isometric shape with a large sweet spot. This allows you to hit the shuttle perfectly and land the shuttle at the right spot every time.

Arcsaber 001 is currently available in two colors, blue and red with some nice stripes on its frame for some cool looking aesthetics. Its shaft is made from graphite that won’ break easily. Unlike most of the traditional rackets, this shaft is actually very strong and the flex prevents it from deforming.

This racket is reasonably priced and won’t disturb your budget. If you are a recreational badminton player, then this is a must go for you.

Overall, it performs well in the court, has a durable design, cool aesthetics and two beautiful hues. You’ll get better with those serves and make better clears. Also, the flex in the shaft prevents it from breaking or deforming.


  • Durable design
  • Multiple color options
  • Graphite shaft with flex
  • Affordable option and perfect for the beginner players


  • Not for the advanced players
  • Only for recreational use and not for professional level playing

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

If you are a defensive player, the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is made for you. Though it is expensive but it is worth the money invested. It will help you take your performance to the next level. It’ll instantly grab your attention with its cool aesthetics. The nice blend of black and red in the frame with scarlet tones makes it even more beautiful.

It provides a faster, smoother and more comfortable swing and is engineered to produce a 10% faster swing as compared to normal racquets.

For more repulsion power and an incredible stability, this racquet is equipped with X-Fullerene technology that improves its repulsion. Moreover, it is constructed with Sonic Metal which not only gives it that whip sound when you smash but also makes it durable and improves snap back effect, resulting in more accurate and powerful shots.

Yonex has made the frame of Nanoray Z Speed the most powerful and elastic ever. The frame is thinner with a large sweet spot made for accuracy.

When it comes to performance during the game, you’ll love the amazing job it does with those clears. Its durable graphite shaft will help to smash harder than ever and makes those drives effortless and comfortable.

Overall, it is an easy racquet with a truly great performance with incredible technology, all equipped to offer you an excellent experience while playing in the court.


  • Claimed as the fastest racket on earth
  • Perfect for the defenders and attackers
  • Outstanding repulsion


  • Not good with the smashes
  • Only for intermediate and advanced players and not for the beginners

Yonex Nanoray 10

Nanoray 10 is among the most popular rackets made for the beginners and comes at a very affordable price. It comes in a range of different colors, while black and lime green design being the most in demand.

It has a flexible shaft with head-light balance. Because of the flexibility in the shaft, it gives you a faster and harder swing for those powerful smashes. This makes it easy to maneuver!

The unique isometric frame come factory strung with 19-24 lbs. and can be adjusted as per your playing preferences. The isometric feature gives you a bigger sweet spot and increases the accuracy in every shot. Even if you miss the center shot, it will still be powerful enough to rattle your opponent for defense.

If you are just a beginner, this racquet will definitely help improve your skills in the badminton court. While it is durable, it is also light in weight with a head-light balance, making it easier for you to maneuver it and respond briskly to those smashes from your opponent.


  • A great racquet for the beginner badminton players
  • Extremely light in weight and won’t tire your wrists
  • Large sweet spot for increased accuracy


  • Lacks power for the aggressive players

Yonex Nanoray 20

Nanoray 20 is a mid-level priced racquet with whole new technology and a revolutionized design. It has a cutting edge fullerene built into its frame and shaft, making it faster, smoother and powerful than ever.

The nanotechnology used delivers fast handling, high repulsion and accurate shots. Its thin shaft helps to decrease its weight, making it a lightweight option resulting in precise control over ever shot in the game.

The blend of high-performance molecular bond of fullerene and carbon nano-particle creates the ultra-lightweight experience which delivers more stability as compared to ordinary racquets.

It also features the new grommet system with more grommet holes in the string bed for high-performance string and increasing its durability by 7%.

Overall, it is a nice and affordable option for all kinds of badminton players. It has a built-in T-joint to eliminate torque and has got the flex in the shaft for added durability.


  • Flexible and durable
  • Graphite composite which feels cold in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Nanotechnology for a better experience
  • Improved grip for better handling and stability


  • Poorly packed when shipped
  • No complementary bag included

Yonex Voltric Lite

Voltric Lite is a perfect combination of power and control. This makes it a great option both for the attackers and defensive players. However, it is only for the intermediate and advanced players.

It uses exclusive tri-voltage system, giving you two fold benefits. Because of its heavy configurations you’ll become a better attacker while with less air resistance, will increase the speed of handling it, allowing you to defend better and respond briskly.

The tungsten and graphite material used for its construction not only makes it durable but also results in good repulsion, stiffness and strength for the ultimate playing experience.

It also features two wonderful color options to choose from and has multi-color stripes on the frame for some cool graphic effect and overall nice aesthetics.

Because of its heavier head, you’ll get tremendous power on those smashes and gain more momentum. Though there is very less flex and more of stiffness, I personally think of it as a plus point. Because of stiff material, you’ll get better power and control on your shots and also improve your game with time.

Finally, its tri-voltage system also helps with speedy handling by reducing the repulsion and air drag and providing you with a more aerodynamic shape side at the frame’ head.


  • Better control, speedy handling and outstanding strength
  • Strong sounding
  • Durable and stiff construction made to last longer
  • Hi-flex but more stiffness
  • Lightweight for balance and stability


  • Expensive
  • Only for intermediate and advanced level players

Yonex Voltric Glan Z

Voltric Glan Z is one of the Yonex’s superior rackets and is known for its heavy head that results in massive power in every shot. Though the stiffness in its shaft is medium but this makes it easier for you to play with it.

It helps you achieve long distances effortlessly and give you opponents tough time handling your powerful smashes.

Since its shaft is very thin and the head features an aerodynamic shape, this allows maximum energy transfer to the shuttle and also reduces air drag. Moreover, the Tungsten infused grommets increases the contract time between shuttle and string while the tri-voltage system gives the frame flex in a controlled way.

The aerodynamic frame helps to minimize air resistance or drag, and this helps to produce an ultra-smooth shot with a smooth swing.

It also creates a strong and powerful sound which is created on impact. This makes it a perfect racquet for the aggressive players and makes hitting more comfortable.

Overall, it is a nice and durable racquet with built-in T-joint which is molded deep into the layers of graphite, connecting the frame with its shaft.


  • Made for all skill level players
  • Flexible shaft for a smooth swing
  • Isometric shape for maximum durability
  • Heavy head for a powerful shot


  • Less stiffness in the shaft

Yonex Arcsaber Lite

Arcsaber Lite is an entry level badminton racket and is an excellent choice for the beginner and intermediate players.

It has an even balance and stability with a medium stiff shaft offering you an all-around play.

The Nanoair Spring technology used in its design provides you with superior control, accuracy and power and is very easy to adjust and play with.

The unique control support cap of this racquet offers you 85% wider and flatter surface as compared to normal rackets and this makes maneuvering and smashing very comfortable.

Its built-in T-joint integrated with its stiff and flexible graphite shaft offers you the ultimate experience of playing badminton.

Overall, it is a great player for beginners and intermediates and feels comfortable very lightweight in hands.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Nanoair bubbles in carbon fibers for flex and energy transfer
  • Control support cap for powerful shots and better handling
  • T-join which eliminates torque as you swing


  • Not designed for advanced/serious players.
  • Gripping needs improvement

Badminton Rackets Buying Guide

If you are a beginner who is buying a racket or needs helps with choosing the best one, below is a detailed badminton racket buying guide that will help you invest in the right product.

I’ve highlighted four of the most crucial points that must be considered before buying a new badminton racquet.


Nonetheless, the weight of your racket matters the most. Especially for the beginners, a lightweight badminton racquet is recommended. It should only weigh between 85g to 90g with a lower balance point. This makes the racket easy to control.

Moreover, you’ll be able to increase your speed of smashing the shuttle and recover from it with a light racquet in hand. This also helps with quick serves and switching to different strokes briskly. Not only that, you’ll also put very less burden on your wrists and shoulders and reduce the chance of injuries.

Balance Point

If you are a seasoned player, you can opt for rackets with a greater balanced point. These tend to be heavier at the head and allows you to transfer more power in every smash. Though these are a bit difficult to control. You may need to practice a lot before playing with them.

String Tension

The third factor to look in your new babel is the tension in the string. You can check this by pressing the palm against the string and see how far it sinks. The ideal tension is 1mm sunken depth.

However, if you prefer a higher tension in your racket string, you can customize it. For beginners 22-23 lbs. is good to go but it can vary from region to region. If you are living in tropics, the strings will tend to expand because of the heat whereas individuals living in colder areas need less tension.

Hand Grip

When it comes to the hand grip of your babel, there are two main types:

  • Towel Grips: These are soft grips that quickly absorb the sweat and keeps your hand dry. You’ll feel very comfortable playing with babel having towel grips. However, a drawback is accumulation of germs and bacteria over time and you may need to replace them
  • Synthetic Grips: These are the popular kind of grips found in most of the babel nowadays. They are slick and less messy but they lack sweat absorption

Other than the type of badminton grip, they come in four different sizes. Players who love a tighter feel to generate more power love the bigger grips while those who use deception in the games opt for the smaller ones and this allows better maneuverability.


Finally, you have to check the material of the shaft. Graphite and tungsten are the most commonly used and recommended.

Also, the stiffness and flexibility in the shaft must be considered. The stiffer shafts bend and unbend very quickly and are great for the aggressive players who want maximum power and control. If you are someone who has a slower swing speed should go for the flexible shafts.

The flexible shafts bend and unbend easily and this allows the shuttle to spend more time on the string bed, thus resulting in a more explosive and a fast swing. Though flexible shaft rackets feel very comfortable to play with, but they result in loss of control and power.

Final Words

So, that’s it for today badminton freaks. I hope this article was helpful for you in finding the best badminton racket and gets you started right away. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section. Got any suggestions to add in this article? Contact us and let us know about it.