How To Choose Badminton Shoes

How to choose badminton shoes?

Most people focus on racquet when they have a budget to buy equipment. But shoes are at least as important as racquet it. A pair of good shoes are essential for you to move freely and efficiently on the court. A badminton games requires you to move quickly in all direction. Any slip hurt your performance or even your body.


The most important things about badminton shoes are traction and grip.

The right shoes depends on the court you are playing on. Most of us play on wood or PU court. Some of us could play on cement court. For those play on wood or PU court, you should choose shoes with gum rubber soles, which provide plenty of traction and grip. If you cannot find shoes designed for badminton, volleyball shoes are normally the closest replacement.

It is pretty easy for gum rubber sole to accumulate dirt. That will reduce the traction and make it slippy. I would strongly recommend you to put on the court shoes only when you are on the court to prevent the solve from getting too much dirt. Some player even have a moistured towel by the court, so they can step and rub on it from time to time to make sure the sole surface is clean and ‘gummy’.

Not that many people play on cement surface. It is not as elastic as wood or PU surface. If you play on such surface, normal rubber sole should be fine. Tennis shoes are okay.

Overall, try to buy a badminton shoes if you can. If not, use volleyball shoes. Tennis shoes can be used for cement court. But not good.


You have move quickly in different directions. Good cusion can absorb the impact. Some shoes have specially designed cusion to do a better job here. When you buy, you can put it on, try to move in different direction quickly to see if you feel comfortable.


Lightweight shoes are better. When Wilson first entered the market of badminton, it produced a pair of badminton shoes, which comes with gummy rubber sole and cloth upper in navy blue. It was so lightweighted. Almost the most comfortable I ever have. Sort of the upper of a Nike Free plus a gum rubber sole for badminton. But now they no longer produce it. I cannot even find a picture for it after mine got stolen from the gym. Now all badminton shoes I can find from the market are more complicated designed, more expensive, but hardly more comfortable:)


Like some nonsense? Of course you should choose the right rize:) The trick here is, the width also matters. Most sports just need you move forward most of the time. Badmiton needs you move left and right a lot. For example, when you try to move to the lower right corner, you right foot has to slap to the left to get a motion to the right.

Some thoes are good for wide food, like SHB95 AR95 Pro99 AR89 AR88. Some are good for narrower foot, like SHB89,SHB65 and Pro98. Check with the seller.

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