Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket Review

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 was introduced in 2013, which pretty much came as a surprise to many. During such time, many people thought that the Arcsaber series will already be discontinued in favor of an improved range.

This badminton racket is considered to be a good all-rounder, but, will it suit your playing style? The only way to find out is to read the rest of this review. Allow me to enlighten you on how this will impact your in-game performance and if this will provide the best bang for the buck.

Technical Details

This model falls under the 3U weight classification, which means that it ranges from 85 to 89 grams. This is pretty much a lightweight racket.

The grip, meanwhile, is G4, which is the standard in the Yonex family of badminton rackets. I am used to playing with Yonex, so there is no big adjustment when gripping. I find it to be just the perfect size.

It is factory-strung, which will make your life a lot easier. It has BG65Ti string, which is one of my personal favorites. The string tension is 19 to 24 pounds. I think that a higher tension would have been more beneficial for an option of this caliber.

The Good

Here are some of the reasons why this model is praised in this review of best badminton rackets that are available on the market.


Especially if you are new to the sport, you will love the fact that its weight is kept at a minimum. Weighing only 88 grams, this is going to help in the improvement of your response once a shot has been thrown by an opponent. Agility and repulsion will also be great because of it is weight.


I like how it excels in terms of comfort. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this, including the fact that it is lightweight and that it has an excellent grip. Regardless of how long you are playing on the court, it has an ergonomic design that can effectively minimize fatigue.


From the specs to the overall design, there should be no doubt that this is extremely easy to use. Even if you are just starting to play badminton, it is hard to dislike it.

The Bad

This racket, however, has its own fair share of imperfections, though I should point out that these are minor issues that do not significantly impact its overall performance.

Expensive Price

For a racket that is ideal for a beginner, the steep price can be an issue. This is one thing that Yonex is known for. However, I believe that this is expensive for a reason, or for a lot of reasons. The price can be easily justified by it performance.

Material and Construction

It is predominantly red in color, but it has hints of lime and red. At first look, it is easy to have it mistaken as its predecessor – the Yonex Arcsaber 10. The two are not only almost identical in terms of looks, but also with their technological features and overall construction.

It is impressive that it has Neo CS Carbon Nanotube, which can be seen on the both sides of the head. The latter allows the shuttle cock to be on the string bed for a longer time. In turn, this is going to enhance the repulsion power.

Its frame is also constructed with a Sonic Metal, which will ensure sharp returns of the shuttlecock.

Meanwhile, with the T-anchor that connects the head and the shaft, excess torque will be reduced while improving your precision in every hit.

These are all indicative of the fact that the Yonex Arsaber 11 is a great all-rounder. If you are convinced that it is, click on the button below and take advantage of the best deals that are currently available.


Overall Performance

Speed is great, although there are still others that are quicker in terms of their response time. It will perform well when it comes to drop shot, which will demonstrate quick execution.

In the frontcourt, the aerodynamics of the Yonex Arcsaber 11 will make it excel in net kills and net shots. The long handle of the racket can also be attributed for this.

On the other hand, in the mid-court, defense and attack will be impressive. This is where the racket will outshine many of its competitors. It has fast reaction. It also has a large sweet spot, which will make it a great choice when you are playing on the defense.

Normal and reverse slicing will also be incredible. You can do it at a faster speed and without the need to exert too much of an effort.

This badminton racket is not just all about good news. If there is one thing that I wish would be better, it would be the smashes. Because of being lightweight, its smash demonstrates lack of power. If you want one that delivers good smashing power, I suggest that you take a look at Yonex Voltric 80.

Who is It For?

With the price tag, this is surely a badminton racket that is ideal for people who have the money to spend.

This is for players who would like to be the king of control. Given its construction and weight, you will be able to have complete control of every move that you will make. It is also for those who would like to play defensively.


For an all rounder badminton racket, the Yonex Arcsaber 11 is one that I can personally recommend. Yes, the price can be an issue, but once you held it in your hand, you will understand why a lot of people would be willing to pay a premium.

With innovative technologies and a brand name to boot, you can never go wrong with this racket. If you want it, click on the button below and purchase it today!


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