Yonex B-350 Badminton Racket Review

The Yonex B-350 is one of the most affordable rackets that you can find on the market today. This is perfect for those who are looking for a beginner-friendly racket with a price that won’t hurt the wallet. Plus, it is made by a company with a reputation for offering some of the best badminton rackets in the world, which will make it worth considering.

Is the economical price enough to consider choosing this badminton racket over its competitors? Will it deliver a performance that will meet or exceed your expectations? The only way to find out the answer to this question is to read the rest of this review to know if this is an option that suits your needs.

Technical Details

This racket comes with a 1U weight rating, which means that it is heavy. To be exact, it weighs 110 grams. This may be designed for beginners, but the weight can be an issue, especially for those who easily get tired.

The overall length of the racket, on the other hand, is 26 inches. The average length of rackets is 27 to 29 inches, which means that this is a bit shorter compared to most of the competing models that will confront you.

The Good

If you are still looking for reasons that will convince you to have this badminton racket, below are some of the benefits that will make it easy for you to decide.


If there is one thing that makes this a good pick, it would be the economical price tag. It is cheap, which makes it a great choice for an entry-level racket that is meant for recreational use. For affordable rackets that you can use in actual games, you might want to look at Yonex Arcsaber Lite or Yonex Voltric 7.

Easy to Grip

Another thing to love in this badminton racket is how effortless it is to grip, despite the fact that it is heavy. It will be easy to handle and can give you better control of your movements when playing.

Suitable for Beginners

From the price to the features, you will be happy to know that this is designed with the needs of beginners in mind. It is devoid of advanced technologies that are found in higher-end alternatives, yet you can be confident that it will perform well when its use is limited to recreational play.

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The Bad

There are also some disadvantages that might give you second thoughts in choosing the Yonex B-350.


The weight of the racket is perhaps one of its biggest drawbacks. As noted earlier, it weighs 110 grams. This is as against many that are between 80 to 90 grams on average. This means that handling can be quite problematic and can cause the wrist to be strained. For lightweight alternatives, you might want to consider Yonex Arcsaer FD or Yonex Nanoray 20.

Lacks Durability

This is one thing that can be expected from a product that is within the price range of the B-350. It is made using inferior materials, and hence, it may be unable to withstand wear and tear. To be specific, the strings can easily become loose.

Material and Construction

One of the first things that you will notice in this racket is its oval head. This is the conventional head shape. It means that the sweet spot is smaller, but even. If you want a racket with a larger sweet spot, an isometric head is the better option.

The shaft, on the other hand, is made of steel. This is a material that is long-lasting, but the problem is that it adds too much weight to the racket.

The head comes with nylon strings. It is a synthetic material that is also commonly used in competing models. However, the nylon used in the Yonex B-350 is quite inferior and it won’t take long before there will be a need for restringing.

Overall Performance

This is where I have to be very honest with you. I have been playing badminton for a long time now and used a variety of Yonex rackets. Sadly, this is an under-performing option, which is pretty much understandable since it is not made for an actual game in the court. It is meant to be used for recreational games and physical education.

Serving with the racket is pretty much a struggle, which can be because of its weight. It is one of the heaviest rackets that I have tried. You will easily notice how much effort is needed to be spared. After a while, you will feel tired.

Smashing, on the other hand, is decent, although not comparable to Yonex Duora 10. It has a lot of power, which can be because of the weight, which improves energy transfer.

In many other aspects, such as net play, drives, and clears, there is nothing much that can be expected from this product. Again, let me point out that I am not saying that this is an inferior product. My point is that you should limit its use to what it is originally made for.

Who Is It For?

While this racket is made by Yonex, take note that this is not one that you can use for competitions and tournaments. Rather, based on the specifications from the manufacturer, this is designed for recreational use and for physical education. It can be good for practices, but not for actual games.

This is for those who are looking for an entry-level racket. This is for people who would not want to spend a lot.


In sum, the Yonex B-350 is an affordable choice for a badminton racket. Nonetheless, it should be noted that its performance can be underwhelming, which is basically because it is rated only for recreational use.

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