Yonex Duora 55 Badminton Racket Review

A lot of manufacturers claim that they have the best badminton racket in the world. If there is one with the right do so, I personally believe that it would be Yonex. They have a wide selection of rackets that promise to deliver incredible performance for every skill level.

From their long list of rackets, one that deserves your attention is the Yonex Duora 55. The latter is a mid-priced option that is built specifically for intermediate players. It is not as advanced as the higher-end models, yet it is packed with innovative technologies that will make it worth including in your list of choices.

In the rest of this review, let me share with you more of my personal experience in using the Yonex Duora 55. By the time you are finished, it will be easier to decide if this is a suitable choice for you or if you should keep on looking for other alternatives.

Technical Details

The racket is available in two weight classifications. One is 4U, which has an average weight of 83 grams. The other one, meanwhile, has a weight classification of 3U and weighs approximately 88 grams. Once you are holding the racket, the weight difference is not too much for you to notice.

Its grip size is G4, which is pretty much the standard that you can find in the Yonex rackets. When it is gripped, you will feel comfortable and won’t require an adjustment if you have been using other models from the same manufacturer.

The racket comes supplied with an Apacs string. As the manufacturer recommends, the stringing tension should be at 24 pounds.

Meanwhile, in terms of flex, it is a medium. It is the middle of flexible and stiff, which is sure to be appreciated by any intermediate player.

The Good

Still looking for some good reasons to buy the Yonex Duora 55? Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from this badminton racket.

Great Control

Given the weight classification of the racket, one of its best assets is control. You will have the freedom to direct its movement and expect that it is going to be responsive. Other rackets that I find to be equally great when it comes to control are Victor Brave Sword 12 and Yonex Voltric 70.

Impressive Speed

While the racket is known for improving your forehand’s power, it can also increase the speed of your backhand. It is not as lightweight as Apacs Feather Weight 55, but still, speed is going to be exceptional, especially once you have mastered the right swings.


This is partly because of the Nanometric technology, a feature that is exclusive in many Yonex rackets. With the bonded carbon fibers in the different parts of the racket, you can expect that t is going to last long.

From control to speed to durability, this can indeed prove to be an excellent choice. What are you waiting for? Click the image below and own this racket today!


The Bad

To help you carry out a fair assessment of the racket, it is also important that you take a look at the potential drawbacks.

Not Great for Smashes

If you like to smash the shuttle with intense power, this may not be a good choice for you. It is an even balanced racket, which is why the power of smash can be quite underwhelming. If you want a racket that is more powerful, Yonex Voltric 5FX and Li Ning N90 III can be great choices.

Material and Construction

One of the best things about the Yonex Duora 55 is the Dual Optimum System, which provides the power to both forehands and backhands. With its innovative construction, you can expect improved shuttle hold, repulsion speed, and strength.

Meanwhile, it also has the built-in T-joint, which connects the shaft and the frame into one-piece. This is not only durable, but it is also torque-free.

Meanwhile, there is also a new grommet pattern, an improvement from the older models of Yonex badminton rackets. There are more grommet holes for better stringing performance. Even if you play intense games, the strings will last long.

Overall Performance

With the performance of the racket, the fast returns and the smashes are the ones worth noting. The returns are speedy, which can be attributed to its weight. The smashes are also quick, but in terms of power, it can be quite underwhelming.

There is also an expanded sweet spot, a benefit that results from having an isometric head. This is as against traditional rackets with an oval head. The larger sweet spot will give the shuttle plenty of power, even in the case of off-center hits. This means that the shuttle does not always need to hit the center of the string bed.

Lastly, it comes with a stable head that makes it easy to control, even for intermediate players. For beginners, it can be quite problematic. Once you have the skill, on the other hand, maneuverability will be exceptional.

Who is It For?

This is an all-rounder racket that is available at a reasonable price. It is built with the needs of intermediate players in mind, especially for those who have an offensive playing style. This is for people who would like to surprise opponents by taking control of the game rather than being on the responding side. Nonetheless, defensively, you can also expect impressive performance.


With the use of the Yonex Duora 55, it will be possible to command the court with every shot that you make. It makes a great pick for an offensive racket for intermediate players. It offers the perfect mix of speed and power. This is for those who would like to dominate the court in the absence of having to spend a fortune.

Be the best player that you can be! Change the way you play by using the right racket. Experience what it promises to deliver. Click on the button below and purchase it today!


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