Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Review

The fastest badminton racket – this is the moniker of the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed. That being said, there is no doubt that this is going to be the perfect choice for players who value speed. It comes with an expensive price, but given its performance, you do not have to think twice about having it as an investment.

If you are a defensive player and if you like shocking your opponents with a powerhouse smash, this is a good choice for you. If you are finding it hard to decide, keep on reading the rest of this review and learn more about this badminton racket.

Technical Details

With a 3U weight classification, it has an average weight of 88 grams. The grip size, on the other hand, is G4. Both the weight and the grip are similar with most of the exceptional badminton rackets that you can find from Yonex.

In terms of flex, on the other hand, it is stiff. This is also one of the reasons why this is recommended for advanced players and not for those who are yet to master the techniques of the game.

Meanwhile, in terms of balance, it is head light. This means that not much of the weight is concentrated on the top part.

The Good

Here are some of the benefits of the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed, which will convince you that this should be on the top of your list of alternatives.

Exceptional Speed

Without a doubt, speed is its greatest asset. This replaced the record of the Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash. Based on the tests that have been conducted by the manufacturer, it has a record-breaking smash speed of 493 kilometers per hour.

High-Quality Construction

If you take a look at the materials that are used, it will be easy to see why it is a favorite amongst many players. It also uses the best technologies that are available. This is directly proportional to its performance.

Great for Defense

If you are a defensive player, you will also love this racket. It has a fast reaction time. It has a perfect weight, which will allow you to react immediately with an attack from your opponent. Smash may not be as powerful, but defense is great. For a racket that delivers good defense without a high price, the Yonex Voltric 5 can be a good choice.

At this point, if you believe that the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is the best badminton racket for intermediate player, click on the image below and purchase it today!


The Bad

To be fair, this is not a perfect racket. There are also some drawbacks, but honestly, they are not enough to reconsider choosing this.

Smashes Can be Better

Yes, you can deliver powerful smashes. Nonetheless, I believe that for a racket of this caliber, the performance when it comes to smashing is quite underwhelming. If there is one reason for this, it would be because of the head-light balance. Head-heavy rackets tend to deliver more power. For a racket that is better or smashes, Yonex Voltric 80 can prove to be a better alternative.

Hard to Control for Beginners

If you are a beginner, I would suggest that you ditch the idea of buying this racket. After all, given its price, this is not for the newbies. Plus, the control can be quite problematic if you do not have a strong risk and if you have not yet mastered the fundamental techniques. If you want one that is perfect even for beginners, Yonex Arcsaber 002 is worth taking a look at.

Material and Construction

The Snap Back Zone makes the frame of the racket unique. This is thinner than most of the frames that are used in other Yonex badminton rackets. It is also better in terms of flexibility.

It also comes with an Ultra Slim Long Shaft. Nanopreme is inserted, making it the thinnest shaft produced by the company. It can rebound almost twice as against the traditional rackets.

Another innovative feature that is worth noting is the Nanometric Technology. The latter improves the bonding strength of the fibers that are used. It also makes it 60% thinner compared to leading competitors.

The combination of the technologies and the materials mentioned above allow the swing speed to be increased by as much as 10%.

Overall Performance

One of the first things that I notice is the ease of swinging of the racket, which is pretty much what you can expect given the fact that it is dubbed as the fastest. My wrist was not easily strained and I find it easy to respond to the attacks thrown at me.

The smashes are also strong and far, although I have to admit, it could have been better. I have used rackets with heavier head balance and they performed better with smashes.

Your drives will also be exceptional, especially if you are a defensive player.

Meanwhile, the net play is solid, especially when you are in the frontcourt. You might need to exert a little extra effort for your kill shots.

Stability is also great, providing you with a great deal of control. This will make it easy to direct the shuttle to where you want it to go. It will also help in making it quick to counter the smash of your opponent, which is one of the reasons why it is great when it comes to defense.

Who Is It For?

This is for you if you are an advanced player who does not care how much you will spend just to have a racket that is hard to rival in its performance. On the other hand, if you are a beginner looking for a cheaper alternative, Yonex Arcsaber 001 can be a better choice.

This is also a great choice for defensive players. If you value speed, this is the only racket that you should have. Swinging will be almost effortless, especially if you are an experienced player.


In sum, the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is the king of speed, as it is recognized as the fastest racket. From the materials that are used to its excellent defense, you have a long list of reasons to put this on the top of the list of your choices. Yes, it is expensive, but it is guaranteed to provide the best value for money.

If you are an advanced player and if you want a high-performing badminton racket, click on the button below and get this product today!


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