Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton Racket Review

Through the years, Yonex has introduced a wide array of badminton rackets that have delivered the highest level of satisfaction even amongst people with discerning preferences. One of their notable models is the Yonex Voltric 8 E-tune, a high-end racket that is designed with the needs of intermediate players in mind.

Will this racket be the best choice for you? Is the steep price justified by its features and performance? Will it help to demonstrate a significant improvement in your in-game performance? To know the answer, keep on reading the rest of this review and I will share some valuable insights that will help you to come up with a well-informed decision.

Technical Specifications

This badminton racket has an average weight of 83 grams, which has a classification of 4U. I would say that it is pretty much lightweight, judging from the control that it gives me in every swing.

Meanwhile, typical to the other badminton rackets that are also manufactured by the company, the grip size is G4. I am a fan of the company’s rackets, which is why there is no adjustment needed when it comes to the grip.

In terms of flex, this is a medium. This is the perfect choice for intermediate players. For beginners, a flexible shaft is better. On the other hand, for advanced players, a stiff shaft will prove to be the better option.

When you receive the racket, it arrives pre-strung. If you need re-stringing, however, make sure to follow the tension that the manufacturer recommends, which is anywhere from 19 to 26 pounds.

Lastly, in terms of balance, this is a head-heavy racket. More of this will be discussed in the next parts of this review.

The Good

Here are some of the benefits of the Yonex Voltric 8 E-tune, which will provide you with some good reasons to have it considered above others.

Can be Customized

As it will be discussed later on, one of the benefits of this racket is that it can be customized based on your personal preferences. There is a feature that will allow you to make an adjustment for the distribution of weight, and hence, will have an impact on its overall performance.

Hits with Exceptional Power

If you are looking for a racket that can deliver powerful smashes, you have another good reason to choose it above others. This is because of the heavier weight that is concentrated on the top of the racket. This provides more energy when the shuttle lands, sending it to the other side of the court.

Durable Construction

With the use of top-notch materials and the presence of innovative technologies that have been developed by the manufacturer, you can expect that this is going to be long-lasting. It is made to withstand the test of time, regardless of the intensity of every game.

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The Bad

Unfortunately, this is a racket that is far from being perfect. To have a fair evaluation, here are some of the drawbacks that should be noted.

High Price

While there are many other expensive models that you can find on the market, this still comes with a steep price. If you want one that is cheap, better opt for those that are made for recreational play, which is ideal only for beginners.

Material and Construction

Among others, one of the noteworthy features of this badminton racket is the E-tune technology. The level of power can be fully-customized depending on your preferences. The weight can be distributed on the upper or lower parts of the frame.

With weight on the lower part, power can be increased by as much as 4%. On the other hand, in the upper part, there will be 6% improvement in power. When distributed in all parts, the power can increase by as much as 10%.

It also has control support cap, which you can find in many other rackets from the company, such as the Yonex Duora 77. This is going to improve maneuverability and your follow-throughs.

Overall Performance

One of the highlights of this model is perhaps the smashes. They are powerful, which can be attributed to its head-heavy construction. This is almost the same with what I have experienced in Yonex Voltric Force and Yonex Duora 10.

The enlarged sweet spot is also a good thing in this racket. This means that the racket does not necessarily need to hit the center. Even with off-center hits, it will store enough power. With a larger sweet spot, you can be more assured that every shot will be accurate.

Control is also easy, which can be attributed to the lightweight body of the racket. You can swing it with ease. With its maneuverability, you will also be able to easily respond to the attacks of your opponent.

Who Is It For?

This is a racket that is perfect for intermediate players who are also heavy hitters. The heavier weight will give your shots the power that it needs, which is why I highly recommend this to players who like to make aggressive shots.

It is also for people who do not mind how much they spend on a racket. It is not insanely expensive, but still, for many, the price can be quite steep. If you are looking for alternatives that are budget-friendly, you might want to consider Yonex Muscle Power 2 or Yonex Arcsaber Lite.


In sum, the Voltric 8 E-tune will make a great pick for anyone who is on the lookout for the best Yonex badminton racket for intermediate players. It can be quite expensive, but the price will be worth it, given the exceptional power that it can demonstrate. It is head-heavy, which is why your smashes will be great. It is also pretty much lightweight, making it easy to control.

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