Yonex Voltric i-Force Badminton Racket Review

Released in 2013, the Yonex Voltric i-Force was inspired by the Yonex Voltric Z-force. The materials are not as advanced as the latter, but it is still decent enough to be recognized as one of the best rackets to have been produced during the year of its release.

If you are on the lookout for the best intermediate badminton racket, keep on reading the rest of this review and I will let you know if the Voltric i-Force will make a likely candidate. I will share with you some of its notable features and what you can expect from its performance.

Technical Specifications

This badminton racket has a 5U weight classification, which makes it lighter than most of the models from the company. To be specific, it weighs an average of 78 grams. Handling the racket will not cause too much strain on your wrist.

Meanwhile, the grip size is G5, while most of the rackets from Yonex have a grip with G4 classification. For experienced players, it does not take much to adjust to the slight difference in its grip.

Despite being lightweight, this is a head-heavy racket. This means that it is heavier on the frame than the rest of the body, which helps in making it more powerful.

The shaft, on the other hand, is a medium flex. This is my personal preference as playing with a stiff and flexible racket makes me have problems with control. The latter, however, will depend on individual preferences.

Lastly, it comes with an isometric head. The length of the vertical and horizontal strings is equal, which are great in the storage and transfer of energy of the shuttle.

The Good

To help you be convinced that this is the right badminton racket for you, here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the product.

Exceptional Speed

If speed is the most important concern in your search for a badminton racket, this is a good choice. It is lightweight, which is why you can expect that it will also be fast. Meanwhile, if you want the world’s fastest racket, you should choose the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed.

Large Sweet Spot

When there is a large sweet spot, this means that the shuttle will have the energy that it needs to send the shuttle on the other side of the court. Regardless of where it lands on the string bed, it will have the energy that is necessary.

Swings with Incredible Power

The head-heavy swing that you can expect in this racket is similar to my experience with Yonex Voltric 70. You can anticipate that your smashes will have the power that you need to stun your opponents.

With all of these benefits, if you are interested in buying the Yonex Voltric i-Force, click on the button below and buy one today!


The Bad

It might be a good racket, but the Yonex Voltric i-Force also has its fair share of drawbacks, including those that are briefly mentioned below.


For budget-conscious buyers, the price is one thing that can make you think twice about having it chosen above its competitors. Nonetheless, as shown above, there are reasons why it is expensive. Meanwhile, if you want a cheaper alternative, Yonex Muscle Power 3 and Yonex B-350 can prove to be excellent.

Not for Beginners

This is designed with the needs of intermediate players in mind. Beginners will struggle with its use. One of the reasons for this is the lightweight construction, which can pose problems with control.

Material and Construction

One of the impressive features of the Yonex Voltric i-Force is the Tri-Voltage System, a technology that has been exclusively developed by the company. It has extra weight on the top part of the racket, resulting in added power. This, however, is done without sacrificing speed, which is why you can still expect it to be highly-responsive.

The frame is also more compact compared to the traditional rackets. The latter allows you to swing quickly and with great power, given the fact that it is head-heavy.

Meanwhile, with the Solid Feel Core, you can expect better performance in terms of comfort. It is bonded with materials that can help absorb shock, minimizing vibration. This is also helpful in increasing the stability of the racket.

Lastly, it has a control support cap, a common feature in many Yonex models. The latter increases the width of the flat surface by as much as 88%, which helps to make follow-throughs quicker.

Overall Performance

Serving with the Yonex Voltric i-Force will be easy and almost effortless, which can be attributed to its lightweight construction.

Attacks will also be impressive, especially when you are making smashes. Because it is a head-heavy racket, the shuttle will have more than enough energy that will surprise your opponent.

Making backcourt clears will also be easy, allowing you to send it in an instant to the rear court.

Meanwhile, defensively, this will also be great. Maneuvering the racket does not take too much effort on your end since it is lightweight. This means that response will be quick. You can return the smashes in a snap. If you want a quick reaction, this racket will prove to be a suitable choice.

Who is It For?

This is an all-rounder badminton racket. Whether you are a defensive or offensive player, this will make a good choice. In terms of skill level, on the other hand, this is for intermediate players. This is also for those who would like to be aggressive with their smashes since much of the weight is concentrated in its head.


With the combination of speed and power, the Yonex Voltric i-Force is an excellent choice for intermediate players with a discerning preference. It is lightweight and easy to control, yet the power is not compromised in any way, as proven by the fact that your smashes will be exceptional.

Is this the badminton racket that you are looking for? If you believe so, click on the button below and expect to be better in your next game!




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